Priyanka Chopra at Emmy’s call Bollywood all about ‘Hips and B****’

Although this was in 2016, but when the backlash over something starts it goes until the end. During the recent controversy and backlash surrounding Priyanka Chopra in Quantico, where she finds an Indian plotting against Pakistan, people also re-shared her video from the 2016’s Emmy Awards where the star said that Bollywood is all about ‘Hips and Boobs’.

Yes, that’s right, when at the red carpet of Emmy’s, PeeCee was asked by a reported to show some Bollywood moves, the actor said that “With Indian movies, everything is about the hips and the boobs,” and showed some moves.

Chopra’s comment did not go un-noticed and she was ridiculed on Social Media for portraying India in a cheap manner and insulting Bollywood movies.


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Angry fans tweeted criticizing the actress of Twitter

Some showed their anger by unfollowing her


Others doubted her acting skills


References of classic Indian movies were shared


People reminded her that she rose from fame through Bollywood


She was even called a ‘National Disgrace’ and to be removed from India


With the on-going Quantico controversy and these old videos circulating on the internet, things can quickly get dirty for Priyanka Chopra

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