Ooh My New Year’s Menu

New Year is just around the corner, and what the best way to celebrate it other than food? None! We have compiled a list of some of the famous eateries to help you with you decide your New Year’s menu. So here you go – drool over these!

  • Chop Chop Wok

This cozy rice and noodle bar serves some great dishes with taste that fits your requirements. From some great appetizers like Sticky BBQ Wings, Fried Calamari and Wasabi Prawns to customized rice and noodle bowls, to some mouthwatering Thai dishes, this restaurant has a variety. Located at Khy-e-Badar, Phase 5 and Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi

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  • Meat The Cheese

This newly opened eatery is every cheese lover’s dream come true. With 13 types of cheese options in the menu, MTC is all set to bring in 5 more. Everything here is loaded with cheese and if that is not enough you can always have more of your choice. Too cheesy, right! Located at Lane 7, Bukhari Commercial, Karachi


  • Paramount

If you are a food lover and cannot resist when you get to know of something new entering the town, Paramount is the place for you. This Lebanese restaurant is designed so well it feels like you will spend the rest of your salary on a dinner but the restaurant provides great value for money and is quite easy on the pocket. The food options are great with some authentic taste for your taste buds, and we bet you will fall in love with their Hummus, Pita and Za’atar Pizza. Located at Khy-e-Shamsheer, Phase 5, Lucky One Mall, Karachi


  • Kolachi

The name says it all. Visit this place and do not forget – I repeat do not forget to eat their Kolachi house prawns and Zafrani Kulfi. They located at Do Darya and Ocean Mall

Kolachi - Ooh My New Year's Menu


  • Cloud Naan

No celebration is complete without a cup of Tea, but we all need to munch on something with it and you can surely ditch those parathas and samosas for some naan. Cloud naan provides some great naans, with fillings like Cheeseburger, Cheese, Steaks etc. etc. Located at Chota Bukhari this place is necessary for those late evening/night tea binges.

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  • Wingitt

If you think we should have added this in the appetizers section, you are clearly wrong. With an option to choose from variety of sauces and grilled or fried wings, we bet you will not go for that planned dinner after you are done licking the sauce off your fingers. You can also easily skip the fizzy drinks for their in-house shakes. Order extra beforehand because you would not want to stop even for a minute. Pro tip – dip it in their ranch sauce. Located at Khy-e-Sehar, Phase 5, Karachi

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