Oh Em Gee! Hareem Farooq learns about her ‘Aakhirat’

Few days ago Osman Khalid aka Obi posted a photo with Hareem Farooq at the Peak Freens Super event, where the largest cookie mosaic of the Pakistani flag was made. Obi posted the picture where the duo flaunts their desi look, and pouting looking at each other in the next.

The picture was just a casual depiction of the friendship that they have for each other, but unfortunately some moral Nazis were ready to bash the couple. We would leave it to your imagination to think of all the comments that must have been thrown towards the actors and focus on the kick-ass way Hareem responded to them.


Hareem Farooq @hareemfarooq • Instagram photos and videos Google Chrome 2 - Oh Em Gee! Hareem Farooq learns about her 'Aakhirat'

The actress responded saying

“oh em gee! i feel so happy that i have so many people who care about my ‘aakhirat’ more than theirs, kiunke gaalian dene se, laanat bhejne se, ‘uff taubah sharam karo’ kehne se tou seedha aap janati ho gaye hain! array bhai congratulations! 🎉and while you’re on your way to your self proclaimed jannat don’t forget to take your ‘i have the right to judge everyone’ certificates (God knows approved by whom), aur haan please saath ye post bhi le kar jaye ga aur bataye ga ke kis tarah aapne mujhe sharam, ghairat aur laanat bhejna sikhai, aap ka darja ooncha kar diya jaye ga :D. aur please agli dafa koi katrina ka ya kareena item number bhi na dekhiye ga, aise hi fazool main aap ki jannat barbaad ho gi! oh wait my bad woh musalman thori hain aap ka tou haq banta hai unko aankhen phaar phaar ke dekhne ka 👀. anyways in order to save your ‘aakhirat’ im block deleting all the ‘concerned’ comments. and will be doing so if there are any further! #liveandletlive #judgingisnotyourjob #getalife ♥️

and for rest of you sane people, thank you so much love you guys! ♥️♥️♥️♥️”

It’s great to see how actors nowadays have started to respond to negative comments instead of hiding from them. Kudos to Hareem and all the powerful women who stand against such people.

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