Globe Trotter Eva Zu Beck Travels To Pakistan

Globally renowned travel vlogger, Eva Zu Beck , has put Pakistan on the travel map for young people the world over. For her upcoming Travel show partnered with Jazz called ‘Eva Travels Pakistan with Jazz’, a grand launch event was held to not only showcase the show’s pilot, but also discuss how such endeavors create Pakistan’s soft image internationally and boost travel diplomacy and people-to-people connections.

The idea behind this digital series is to help the world understand Pakistan’s cultural exuberance and hospitality.

When Eva was asked about her experience visiting Pakistan she said

“Coming to Pakistan has been such a great experience for me. When I first came here, I never expected to become so popular amongst the Pakistani people. Getting to see and portray the true colors of Pakistan through this series is going to be a great experience, both for me and my digital followers”



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Kazim Mujtaba, Head of Marketing at Jazz, discussed the mobile operator’s involvement in the series, “At Jazz, our tagline is, “Dunya ko Bataa Do” which aligns perfectly with the need for such a show. Even before this partnership, Eva had been promoting a more positive image of Pakistan which was one of the reasons why we chose her to be the face of the show.”

The show that will be broadcasted on several mediums will have the first season will comprise of eight episodes in total, with a new episode available for viewing every week on Eva’s YouTube Channel. The first season will showcase the beauty and magnificence of Sindh and Balochistan where the local traditions, cultures, customs and cuisine will be highlighted along with various sights and historical places located in the Southern parts of the country. Viewers will be kept engaged on Social platforms to share feedback and recommendations on the places she should visit in upcoming episodes.

The launch event concluded with a panel discussion and a Q&A which included various vloggers, where everyone discussed the importance of promoting a softer image of Pakistan through digital media.

Here is a small clip of Eva and her upcoming adventures

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