The girl who conquered it all

We all know that this life is pretty tough, and with all the competition going on around us, it becomes quite difficult to cope up with the on-going times. Meet Madeline – The girl who conquered her fear, achieved her dreams and created a whole new world for her special friends with Down Syndrome.

Madeline is a 20 year old unique, Australian and first of its kind  model with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes development and cognitive delays. When Maddy was born doctors told her mother that she could not achieve anything in life. But her mother was determined to prove everyone wrong. It all started around 2 years ago  when her mother took her to a Fashion Show and Madeline just knew what she wanted to be and told the same to her mother, she said ‘Mum, me model’, and that was it. Her mother did not think for a second and wanted to do everything for her daughter to achieve her dreams. But it wasn’t as easy as it is for people who aren’t differently-able.

Madeline Stuart kid - The girl who conquered it all


The biggest hindrance towards achieving the dream that Madeline and her mother faced was her weight, which is quite common with people with such disorders. But she did not let that issue intervene with her goals and lost approximately 20 kilos, through healthy eating and exercise. After the weight-loss, her mother posted a before and after picture of her daughter and was sure that it will reach the right people who will help Madeline with her goals, and she was right. Her picture went viral and reached thousands of people across the globe, within a few days, her picture got more than 6 million view and even before they knew Madeline was being interviewed by the most prominent channels and her pictures for modeling turned out so good that she started getting modeling contracts.

Madeline Stuart Before and After - The girl who conquered it all


This 20 year old model has walked the ramp for some of the most prominent fashion shows like New York Fashion Week, Art Hearts Fashion Week, Style Fashion Week, Melange Fashion Week, Runway Dubai, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week China, Birmingham Fashion Week etc. She has also been featured in the biggest publications like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Weekly, Elle, Marie Claire, People New York Times and many more.

Madeline Stuart model - The girl who conquered it all


Madeline Stuart is still achieving success with every passing day and has not only received great appreciation from people around the world, but has also become and inspiration for people with the same syndrome and a ray of hope for the parents as well.

Madeline Stuart - The girl who conquered it all

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