Don’t allow your kids to use this toy!

Most of the parents have grown up without gadgets and were encouraged to play with actual toys, outdoor sports and role playing etc. which has encouraged them with better learning abilities and greater imagination.

But with the increase of technology and the comfort it provides, most parents have started using gadgets as their escape to calm their kids. Most kids are usually seen indoors sing their tablets, mobile phone, or watching movies on television, which keeps them busy for a good amount of time and provides peace to the parents.

But studies have shown that these gadgets are extremely harmful for the development of kids. Over exposure of these gadgets are associated with

  • Executive functioning
  • Attention deficit
  • Anxiety
  • Cognitive Delays
  • Impaired Learning
  • Increased Impulse
  • Decreased ability to self-regulate (Tantrums)

Technology use at early stages causes restricted movements which can cause delay in the development of your children. Abuse of screen time for children also affects the literacy and academic achievements and has been rated the highest case for depression at an early age.

Experts recommend that children play with actual toys and spend time outdoors with interaction with tangible things as it improves their active imagination and avoids above mentioned issues.

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