Dollar Vs Pakistani Rupee


The Dollar has reached its all-time high in the inter bank market for a whopping Rs. 162. 47, a clear jump of Rs. 5.2, with no expectations of either going down or being fixed at this rate.

Rumor has it that due to the excessive loans taken by Pakistan in the past, the International Monetary Fund is pressurizing the government to release state control over Dollar and let it rise freely.

The unaccepted devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee and constant increase in pricing of even everyday item is now fully affecting the local people. The fuel price, which has crossed Rs 100 per liter, is also expected to increase.

The price hikes during the 2019-2020 budget introduced by Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf, has burdened the common salaried man more than ever.

We are still not sure what the future holds, as these are mostly the repercussions of the previous governments, or may be the pressure built on PTI is too much for them as a first time government.

What is the fate of Pakistan? Only time will tell.

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