10 things to love yourself

With technology taking over the world and us getting busier with each day, all of the challenges to fulfill while keeping your calm is a hectic challenge on its own. With so much negativity going on around us, and the struggle to stay positive, we hope the tips below will help.

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  • You’re only human

Stop nit-picking. We understand there was one incident which made you feel awful, or took all yourself confidence away from you, but that does not mean you can’t move on. You are only human and we often tend to make mistakes, but instead of letting yourself down, you can learn from them and move forward towards better lifestyle.


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  • Have some ‘Me’ time

Whether its a vacation or small coffee date with yourself, try to have sometime alone with yourself. This helps you rejuvenate. Keep your gadgets away from yourself and just look out in space or observe your surrounding, thank your blessings. You will feel that positive vibe in you for sure!


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  • Keep a positive journal

If you are a writer or love to writer, try keeping a journal and writing positive thoughts that cross your mind. They say a positive mind leads to a positive lifestyle. Keep on thinking about all the happy times and your blessings, and things will eventually turn out your way


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  • Take a break

Is your work giving you more stress than you can take? you don’t seem contended with your relationship? Can’t think straight? Remember to take a break. Just sit down, have a coffee or do something that makes you happy.


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  • End toxicity in your life

Be it a relation, work or the people around you. Stay away from toxicity. Try adjusting to a more positive lifestyle for better living.


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  • Excercise

Do some yoga, go for a long walk, go hiking, do something to keep your muscles moving. Exercise helps you relax and feel confident about yourself.


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  • Read

Reading helps you travel in an imaginary way to all the places you want to. Reading refreshes the mind and soul.


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  • Prioritize

Our life is a mess, with so many chores on hand one often forgets the true essence of it. Prioritize your life, make a list, follow it. Is it that hobby that you always wanted to convert into a career? or that book/series you always wanted to end? There is no limit or restriction to your prioritization, it can be anything as long as you want it.


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  • Eat healthy

As much as the junk food attracts you, try to think before you eat. set your wallpaper with your inspirational self that will remind you of your goals. Try looking out for meal preps for the week if you are overburdened with work, or look out for healthier options near you. Drink lots of water before eating, to differentiate between real hunger or thirst.


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  •  Take care of yourself

Above all never compromise on your personal self. Wear those stilettos and jacket, with the red lipstick that you have always longed to try, waiting for the perfect day. Go out and give yourself a spa treatment with the money you have been saving for the unknown future. Forget the world and take your beauty sleep.

Remember, only you have the power to change your lifestyle towards positivism, and no one in this world can take that power from you.  You are amazing 🙂 <3

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